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My Research Activities

My Publications- Journals Articles
  1. ODUNFA.  S.A.  and  OYEWOLE,   O.B    Identification of  Bacillus species from 'iru', an   African fermented locust bean product.   Journal of Basic Microbiology  , 26 (2). 101 - 108.
  2. OYEEWOLE ,  O.B. and  ODUNFA,  S.A.   Microbiological studies oncassava fermentation for 'lafun' production.  Food Microbiology,  5, 125 – 133.
  3. OYEWOLE, OLUSOLA .  B.  and  ODUNFA, S. AYO    Effects of fermentation on the carbohydrate, mineral and protein contents of cassava   during 'fufu' production. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis.  2, (2)  170 - 176.
  4. OYEWOLE,  O.B.     Optimization of cassava fermentation for 'fufu' production; Effects of single starter cultures.   Journal of Applied Bacteriology 68 , 49 - 54.
  5. OYEWOLE, O.B. and ODUNFA, S.A. Characterization and distribution of lactic acid bacteria in cassava fermentation during 'fufu' production.  Journal of Applied Bacteriology. 68 , 145 - 152 .
  6. OYEWOLE,  O.B. and ODUNFA,  S.A.    Effect of cooking method on water absorption and ease of dehulling in preparation of African locust bean for 'iru'.   International Journal of Food Science and Technology.  25, 461 – 463.
  7. OYEWOLE, O.B. Fermentation of cassava for “lafun” and “fufu” production in Nigeria. Food Laboratory, 7,(2) 29-31.
  8. OYEWOLE,  O.B.  and  ODUNFA,  S.A.    Extra-cellular enzyme activities during cassava fermentation for 'fufu' production.  World Journal of Microbiology  and Biotechnology.  8, 71 - 72.
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  10. OYEWOLE, O.B. and AIBOR, A.M. [1992)  Fermentation of cassava with cowpea and soya-bean for an enriched 'fufu'  Tropical Science , 33, 9-15...more.
Books and Chapters
  1.  OYEWOLE, Olusola B. Cassava Processing in Africa. In : Application of Biotechnology to traditional fermented foods. National Research Council. National Academy Press. Washington, DC. USA. (ISBN 0-309-04685). Pg. 89-92.(Chapter in Book).
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  3. OYEWOLE, O.B. Application of Biotechnology to Cassava processing in Africa. In : Transformation AlimentaireDu Manioc [Cassava Food Processing]. Editors: Tom Agbor Egbe, Alain Brauman, Dany Griffon, Serge Treche. Institut Francais de Recherche Scientifique Pour le Developement en Cooperation , Paris, France. ISBN 2-7099-1279-1. Pg. 277 – 286. (Chapter in Books).
  4. OYEWOLE, O.B. (1997) Application of biotechnology to cassava processing in Africa. In: ‘Food processing Technologies for Africa’ – Emerging technologies Series..  Hamid A. Dirar. (Ed). United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Vienna. Pg. 135-142.
  5. ODUNFA, S.A. and OYEWOLE, O.B. African Fermented Foods. In: Microbiology of Fermented Foods. Edited by B.J.B. Wood. Second Edition, Volume II..  (ISBN 0 7514 0216 8)  Blackie Academic & Professional. London. Pg. 713-752 (Chapter in Book).
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  7. OYEWOLE, O.B.   Fermentation of non-grain, starchy staples in African countries. Chapter 2 of : ‘Fermented Non-Grain Starchy Staples : A Global Perspective’. Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO),.Rome FAO, Rome. No. 2144.200.014.  80 pp.     
  8. OYEWOLE, OLUSOLA BThe Powers at the roots : Food and its microbial allies. UNAAB Inaugural Lecture. Series No. 15. October 09, 2002. University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. ISBN 978-35943-5-4.  56 pp. 
  9. SANNI, L.O, AKINGBALA, J.O. OYEWOLE, O.B., BAINBRIDGE, Z.A., GRAFFHAM, A.J, and WESTY, A. Effects of air drying conditions on the chemical, pasting and sensory properties of ‘fufu’, a fermented cassava product. In : Potential of root crops for food and industrial resources. Edited by Makoto Nakatani and Katsum Komaki. Pg. 100-102.
  10. OYEWOLE, OLUSOLA BANDELE and  PHILLIP, BIOLA ( 2006) Agro-food chains and sustainable livelihood – A case study of cassava marketing in Nigeria. In : Agro-food chains and networks for development. Eds. R. Ruben, M. Slingerland and N. Nijhoff. Springer Publications. The Netherlands. Chapter 9, Pages 107 – 115...more.
Paper Presented & Published
  1. OYEWOLE, O.B. (2006) The state of research within the African universities and the challenge of capacity-building. IAU Horizon. October 2006, Vol. 12. No. 3 – 4, Pg. 6 - 7.
  2. OYEWOLE, O.B. (2007) Developing Quality Assurance Systems in African Universities – AAU Initiatives. Quality Assurance Conference, Abuja, Nigeria. Oct. 6 – 9, 2006.
  3. OYEWOLE, O.B. (2007)The Research and Development Centre of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria - A model research coordinating    effort in an African University. UNESCO Forum on Higher Education Research and Knowledge Workshop on the Comparative Analysis on National Research Systems ( Paris, France, 6-7 November 2006).
  4. OYEWOLE, O.B. and A. LAMPTEY (2007) Higher Agricultural Education and International Cooperation in African Universities :-  The Synergic Roles of the Association of African Universities (AAU) and the Working Group on Higher Education (WGHE) . International Seminar on “ Higher Agricultural Education and International Cooperation : Role and strategies of Universities. Agropolis, Montpelier, France. 27 – 29 September, 2006.
  5. OLUSOLA OYEWOLE, PLACID NJOKU, M.M. SALL, LABIB ARAFEH, and  YOHANNES WOLDETENSAE.(2007) Quality Assurance Situation and Needs in Different Regions of Africa. Second International Conference On Quality Assurance In Higher Education In Africa. Hosted by the Open University of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: 17–19 September, 2007.
  6. OYEWOLE, O.B.(2007) New Challenges for Quality Assurance – African situation and the current African Union harmonization initiative.  Third Global Forum on International Quality Assurance, Accreditation and the Recognition of qualifications. (Learners and new higher education spaces : from principles to practice). Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, 13 – 14 September, 2007.
  7. OYEWOLE, O.B. (2007) Emerging Challenges Facing African Higher Education Institutions. Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation (Senter for Internasjonalisering av hoyere ut danning – SIU)  International Conference on “Higher education in development”. 18 – 20 October, 2007 at VIP Hotel, Maputo, Mozambique.
  8. OYEWOLE, O.B. (2007) Internationalizations and its implications for the quality of  higher education in Africa. Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation (Senter for Internasjonalisering av hoyere ut danning – SIU)  International Conference on “Bridges of Knowledge”. Norway. SIU. Oct. 25 – 26, 2007.
  9. OYEWOLE, O.B. (2008) Internationalization of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Public lecture on July 23, 2008.
  10. OYEWOLE, O.B. (2007) Funding university research in Africa. National Summit on Ethiopian Higher Education System. Dec. 14, 2007...more.